aPurla Handcrafted Guitars represents a fresh new approach to guitar making.

Australian guitar maker Mitchell Morris has been hand crafting beautiful boutique guitars in Brisbane since 2011.

With his aPurla Handcrafted Guitars workshop on his peaceful 2.5 acre rainforest property at Mt Mee, he embraces a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle, which is the inspiration behind aPurla Handcrafted Guitar's whole ethos.

We create unique guitars and custom instruments from reclaimed timbers, recycled materials and sustainably sourced local trees that we collect ourselves.

From tree to tunes, from trash to treasure our handmade guitars are full of life, history and soul.





Our attitude of innovation and awareness is reflected in our unique and beautiful hand made guitars.

We repair, design and create special instruments from the ground up for clients.

Original designs or adaptations of existing designs can be made to your specifications.



2010 - Mitch completed his training as guitar repairer at NAPBIRT in America.

2013 - Mitch completed more guitar repair training in America working in the workshop of a professional luthier.

2017 - Mitch travelled to Italy to complete more instrument repair training.

2018 - Mitch becomes the official repairer for the annual Woodford Folk Festival.

2019 - aPurla Handcrafted Guitars is a finalist in the Frankie Goodstuff Awards.

"At aPurla Handcrafted Guitars we believe in living simply. 

Staying connected to nature & finding joy in our work, while making creations that are well-designed and affordable".

"All our timbers are sustainably harvested, either from problem trees that were removed & would have been mulch, or reclaimed timbers that would have been trash, they all have a story".

Together with our team we can craft an
instrument that is uniquely yours.