Andrew's Bespoke Guitar

Orthrus - Double Neck Guitar/Bass Guitar.

Andrew was inspired by Simon's guitar(s) and wanted a double neck of his own. The main difference was Andrew wanted a fan fretted bass guitar/guitar.

He wanted the 6 string guitar to have 24 frets which was a new one for Mitch, and he wanted wooden pickup covers. Both guitars are through neck, they feature custom made aPurla handwound vintage inspired pickups, Noll pre-amps and Babicz bridges. The timbers are local and sustainably harvested with much of this instrument being made of Qld Blackwood, the neck is laminated blackwood,leopard tree and Silky Oak with leopard tree fingerboard. Featuring custom aluminium inlays that really complete the unique look.

Together we've created a masterpiece, and we believe this to be our best and most beautiful work yet.


Andrew gave us a little feedback too:

"I got my twin neck bass/guitar from Mitch fairly recently, and it's been absolutely incredible! Not only did Mitch work with all the little quirks I wanted for my new baby, to ensure I really did get my dream instrument, but he's been super willing to help me out in getting used to all it's tricks and tips! Mitch makes incredible instruments, and I'm honoured to be a small part in the aPurla family now! Cannot recommend him more fully!"
- Andrew Williams

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