Bunya Blondie  - RRP $1450

ON SALE $999

Guitar Serial Number: 180005

Model:                      Stop Tail Electric Guitar
Finish Colour:          Natural 

Special Features:

All our guitars are hand made using ethically and locally sourced timbers that we collect ourselves.

Each instrument is lovingly handcrafted right here in Brisbane.

Our Bunya Blondie features;

Blackwood aPurla hand wound P-92 Vintage Pickups​

Recycled vinyl Record Scratch plate


Timbers used:

Body:                Bunya Pine

Top:                  Bunya Pine

Fingerboard:   Leopard Tree/ Pau Ferro

Neck:               Stringy Gum



Pickup Configuration: N: P-90 B: P-90

Bridge: Harmonic

Tuners: Ratio Locking

Wiring Controls: Volume, Volume, Tone


Standard Components:

Evo gold fret wire .

Brass dots.

TUSQ nut.

Elixir Strings

Natural boiled Linseed oil lacquer finish.