Classical Guitar - Burgundy

Sometimes we just need to go back to the classics...

Classical guitars always have such a vibrant energetic sound, and with his eye catching red mahogany coloured sides Burgundy has all that and more...

He was handcrafted from several recycled classical guitars that were all damaged beyond cost effective repair. 

It was from these that we salvaged the back and sides, believed to be mahogany and the rosewood fingerboard. His neck is made from laminated pieces of scrap recycled mahogany to make a very rigid piece of timber. His sound board was hand crafted from a large Australian pine wood beam that was recycled from an antique iconic Queenslander home. 

His bridge and rosette were salvaged from another broken classical guitar, which involved removing and sanding out the rosette and inlaying it into the new top.

He features high-end long lasting hardware, water based lacquers and a TUSQ nut (synthetic bone) to ensure an animal free, cruelty free, environmentally friendly product that sounds as good as it looks. He is also fitted with Evo gold fret wire, a copper alloy that contains no nickel. He also has new high end Grover machine heads. All this means that he has beautiful resonance and vintage tone, so what better way is there to show it off than by fitting him a LR Baggs i BEAM Pickup.


The utmost care and attention to detail in his crafting has been maintained to ensure enjoyable and long lasting playability.

BURGUNDY PRICE $1200 (No Case)

Please email or message us for expressions of interest.