Electric Guitar - Cherry

Cherry’s a girl who knows what she wants.

She was hand crafted from aged Australian timbers that were recycled from antique iconic Queenslander homes. 

Since the recycled timbers used to craft her don’t come with leaves or bark (the usual method of identifying a species) it is hard to say for certain what timbers she has in her, but we do get some clues from her colouring.

Her hardwood body could be red iron bark, this extremely dense timber makes for great sustain, stability and strength and her cherry burst paint job accentuates the natural pinkish red colours of this timber.

She’s not like the other electric guitars, she’s different and she loves it! Even with her design that was inspired by the traditional hollow body electric guitars she still has both hollow and solid body tonal characteristics. Her open chambered back design has taken away material from the more resonant parts of the guitar further bridging the sound gap between hollow and solid body. Her maple neck and rosewood fingerboard are second’s timber from the off-cuts of other guitars.

She features high-end long lasting hardware, water based lacquers and a TUSQ nut (synthetic bone) to ensure an animal free, cruelty free, environmentally friendly product that sounds as good as it looks. She is also fitted with Evo gold fret wire, a copper alloy that contains no nickel and Japanese made GOTOH bridge and tuners.

All this means that she has beautiful resonance and vintage tone, so what better way is there to show it off than by fitting her with a hand wound PAF Humbucker style pickup, made to vintage specifications, with a 3 way switch and single push pull knob.

The utmost care and attention to detail has been maintained in her crafting to ensure enjoyable and long lasting playability. 



But don't worry, we're already hard at work on our next series of guitars.

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