Guitar Stands

Display your instrument in style!

Our handmade timber guitar stands come in 2 different colours, featuring protective leather padding to keep your instrument safe. 


When you love your guitar this much you want to show it off in style and now you can.

Handmade in Brisbane from locally sourced timber.


These guitar stands are available in store at The Australian Academy of Music.

Timber Guitar Stands - $50.00 each


Take a little piece of aPurla artwork home with you with our range of merchandise.

We've got aPurla stylish tees and we even have your standard plastic picks, plus a range of one off handmade timber picks made from reclaimed and recycled timbers.


Plastic Picks | $1.70 each

Orange - 1mm  |  Purple  - 0.65mm

Timber Picks | $5.00 each


After selling out of our original Tree Hugger picks we decided to put our newest METAMORPHOSIS poster art on our latest round of picks, available in store at The Australian Academy of Music now. 

We also have handmade timber picks in a range of different recycled and reclaimed aussie timbers, the timber pictured in this timber pick is yellow stringy gum.

Visit us in store to pick one up today.

Guitar Care

At aPurla we love guitars! Seriously!!
Which is why we always want to keep them in top notch playing condition, and what better way to do that than with our specially formulated natural guitar care fretboard oil! Go on, give your guitar some love...


Handmade using entirely natural enriching lemon essential oils and linseed oil.

Spray.  Apply to surface of fingerboard.
Remove dirt with soft brush and wipe off with clean cloth.

To protect the surface of your instrument and preserve its beauty we recommend you apply this spray at least twice per year, or with your regular string change. This spray is recommended for use on unfinished woods, and in particular the fingerboard. It removes dirt, grease and wax buildups. 

This spray helps the wood to breathe, keeping it conditioned and protected, therefore enhancing your playing experience.
Bring back your bottle for discounted refills!


Homemade by hand in Brisbane, Australia.

All Natural. No Chemicals.


Fretboard Oil - $14.99 each

Refills - $12.00 each

By purchasing our merchandise you are supporting small local business and crafts and helping a couple of local dreamers to keep up their dream of doing what they love alive.

Thank you!