Leftie Bespoke Guitar


This left handed guitar was made to cater to the south paws out there.


All timbers used are nature felled or pest trees.

Neck:   Yellow Stringy Gum

Fingerboard:   Leapord Wood with brass marker dots

Headstock Veneer:   Black Wattle

Body:   Bunya Pine

Top Cap:   Silky Oak

Natural boiled Linseed lacquer in forest green finish.


Only the highest quality parts and accessories are used to ensure an enjoyable playing experience.

Tuning machine heads:   Schaller

Bridge:   Floyd Rose by Schaller


Vintage style hand wound aPurla P-92 potted in beeswax

Pots:   3 x Bourns Model 95 potentiometers

Tone Knob:   Orange Drop Cap

Cover plate:   Recycled Vinyl Record

Nut:   Graph Tech tusq XL


3 way switching


Strings are Elixor .10-.46 nanoweb

This is one mean green machine!

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