Metamorphosis Guitar & Bass Series

aPurla kicked it up a notch in 2018 with our newest series of sustainable guitars AND for the first time ever bass guitars. All the instruments were made using sustainably sourced or recycled local timbers and top quality parts. Many are made from Aussie timbers like Bunya pine or Tasmanian and Qld Black wood, but some are made using pest timber species like Leopard wood.

Most of the guitars are fitted with our brand new custom hand wound aPurla pickups!

We guarantee that we never ever use clear cutting to get our beautiful tone woods, that is our promise to you, to our planet and to our future generations.

All the instruments pictured are for sale and on display at the Australian Academy of Music.

You can also read the blog post on the special launch of these instruments.

In the meantime, enjoy the gallery of remaining guitars below.



Bunya Blondie

That sweet buttery bunya is so good on the eyes and ears.

Featuring sexy aPurla hand wound timber pickups.



Dark Green Silk

Our first ever left handed guitar,
with the absolute works!

Featuring an emerald green finish.

Make it yours.



Honeyburst Bunya

Honey by name, honey by nature!

She's got vintage style and specs with some wicked figuring. 

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