John's Bespoke Snare Drum

A surprise birthday gift to Mitchell's father, this snare drum is pretty special. Featuring Silky Oak timber body from John's own backyard.

Custom Classical Guitar

We can't count how many times people bring in a damaged classical guitar  for repair because they have put steel strings on them, causing the bridge to pull away utterly destroying the top of the guitar. Most of the time it's not worth repairing, so we have piled up a few bits and bobs from damaged classical guitars and we figured let's put them to use.

This guitar was fashioned using recycled parts from damaged classical guitars, a nice little neck we'd been holding onto for a rainy day, and a recycled timber top.

This one of a kind guitar has a warm and beautiful sound, with heaps of street cred, a great history AND a low impact on the environment.

Layne guitar.jpg

Jacob's Guitar

Originally designed by Layne who had free reign with body design and colour choices, going for a vintage tobacco look, with a unique hand made scratch plate. This was later purchsed by Jacob.

For this beauty we were inspired by the idea of having a guitar we can take everywhere, so we came up with our own design for a 'parlor guitar' which features a smaller body than your standard acoustic guitar.

A small and light guitar with a big voice, it's easy to pickup any time and a joy to play around the campfire.
This little beauty went on to inspire our Tree Hugger series.

Bespoke Dulcimer

This Appalachian mountain dulcimer was made with serious love and affection. Featuring Tasmanian blackwood top, silky oak one piece body and stringy gum fingerboard. The butterflies were handdrawn and the headstock painstakingly shaped to perfection. Sounds like a dream.


Lesley's Custom Uke

A surprise birthday gift, this ukulele is pretty special. Featuring one piece Silky Oak timber body and neck from Lesley's own backyard, with a bunya pine top with hand painted flowers. All the timbers are sustainably and locally harvested in Brisbane.

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