Acoustic Traveller Guitar - Mr Johnson

As soon as you see Mr Johnson you can tell that he was born to play the blues...

All timbers used in his production were sourced from recycled Queenslander homes, making him not only a unique instrument, but containing in him the rich history of Brisbane and the Queensland lifestyle.

He was fashioned to push the limits to show how much recycled house timber could be used to make a guitar,

and that makes him one serious vintage guitar, with real vintage tone.  

Since the recycled timbers used to craft him don’t come with leaves or bark (the usual method of identifying a species), it is hard to say for certain what timbers he has in him, but this adds more to his mysterious allure.
We do get a few hints from his colours, his fingerboard looks to be Australian redwood, possibly bloodwood, and his top is a species of Australian pine, while his back, sides and neck are either ironbark, grey iron bark or spotted gum.

He features high-end long lasting hardware, water based lacquers and a TUSQ nut (synthetic bone) to ensure an animal free, cruelty free, environmentally friendly product that sounds as good as it looks. He is also fitted with Evo gold fret wire, a copper alloy that contains no nickel. He’s an old man with a big voice and being an old school kind of guy he features no pickup.

The first of his kind in Australia, he’s something old and something new.


The utmost care and attention to detail in his crafting has been maintained to ensure enjoyable and long lasting playability.


But don't worry, we're already hard at work on our next series of guitars.

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