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At aPurla we love guitars! Seriously!!
Which is why we always want to keep them in top notch playing condition, and what better way to do that than with our specially formulated range of natural guitar care products!

aPurla's Lush Lemon fretboard oil is handmade using entirely natural enriching lemon essential oils and linseed oil.

Spray. Apply to surface of fingerboard.
Remove dirt with soft brush and wipe off with clean cloth.

To protect the surface of your instrument and preserve its beauty we recommend you apply this spray at least twice per year, or with your regular string change. This spray is recommended for use on unfinished woods, and in particular the fingerboard. It removes dirt, grease and wax buildups.

This spray helps the wood to breathe, keeping it conditioned and protected, therefore enhancing your playing experience.

Bring your bottle in store for discounted refills!

| Homemade by hand in Australia | All Natural. No Chemicals |

Go on, give your guitar some love...

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