Peter's Bespoke Guitar

Replica of Bo Diddley's Mean Machine
- featuring inbuilt multi effects unit

Our client had done piles of handwritten research for this one, and 25 years of waiting, so he was pretty stunned to have this guitar finally become a reality for him.

He was after a replica Mean Machine, the guitar Bo Diddley originally had made right here in Brisbane for him by Luthier Chris Kinman. He even went as far as to get in touch with Kinman and was successful in acquiring the offcut vintage timbers from the original Mean Machine from him. Kinman, however was not available to create the instrument, and still isn’t. We have it on good authority (turns out Chris Kinman is the cousin of a neighbour of ours – talk about small world!) that Kinman still resides here in Brisbane and is making guitar pickups these days.

Fast farward to now and Mitchell comes to the rescue!
So it was all systems go for the Mean Machine. Mitch had to scour the internet for vintage pedals, and wracked his brains over creating a replica instrument based on an instrument he had never physically seen! Many weeks of construction and sanding, roughly 8hrs+ of wiring later, and this baby has the whole shebang in it! The Mean Machine even features two vintage MXR pedals on board. The Phase 100 and an Envelope Filter, painstakingly removed from their original metal housing and rerouted through the top of the instrument.

The result: a vintage inspired instrument, with some gorgeous modern artistic touches. 

What a special boutique build.
We are so grateful to have had the chance to be a part of this story, and to be able to share it with all of you!
Do you reckon we nailed it?


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