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aPurla's Tree Huggin' Launch Night - Pt. 2

Mitch and Acoustic

Welcome to Part 2 of the scoop on our aPurla Launch Night. Here we talk about some of aPurla's side projects and what the future holds for our small home grown guitar making company.

If you missed it, check out Part 1 of the story here.

Let's jump right into it shall we!

The launch night wasn’t just about the 'Tree Hugger' series; we also introduced people to our new range of aPurla valve amps and talked about custom guitars and guitar repair.

Mitchell had this to say on custom guitars and repairs:

“aPurla is more than just the Tree Hugger series, and naturally my personal interests would have to creep their way into a job that is now so much a part of me that I can hardly separate myself from it sometimes.

Some of my big interests are sustainability, recycling, gardening and nature. A large aspect of recycling and sustainability is repairing and reusing what we already have in order to conserve valuable resources. For me as far as sustainability goes, repairing is the first line of call.

If you want to get into guitar and you already have access to a good quality guitar repair it, re-use it and re- love it. I really get a kick out of the times when a customer brings their dad’s old guitar in to me to repair, because it becomes so much more special to that guitarist to take something that was once loved by someone they love and give it new life.

So I always say repair, recycle, re-love.

Modifications are another cool way to give an instrument life again, by changing colours, fret boards and inlays etc guitars really take on a new personality and can make old guitars relevant again, therefore more accessible and more playable.

I also enjoy one off custom builds where we have free reign of materials, it is really enjoyable to collaborate with a musician to bring their dream instrument to life and can sometimes be a lot more affordable than people think. I am also looking to start incorporate more sustainable timbers into my custom jobs and in the future will try to help encourage and guide people in their choices for alternative timbers for custom builds.”

Check out Isaac with his custom aPurla guitar here. “I like to hope that this night has helped to show some of the ways that we can all help to combat and even reverse some of the negative effects we have had on industry, humanity and the environment in which we live.

The solution is a simple one and it starts in each of us, we have to ask ourselves what kind of a future we’d like to see for this industry and by extension the planet.

I know I want to live in a world where tropical forests are lush and vibrant, where birds and animals are abundant and where people can be happy because they are using and harvesting their resources responsibly and maintaining a happy life as a result of this honest work.

In my way I will try to offer musicians a product that is responsibly and sustainably sourced and made and it starts with this series.Recycled homes isn’t our only option in alternative timbers and I look forward to seeing more guitar makers jump on board with responsibly and sustainably harvested timbers for use in guitar making.

So how can we be the change?

Firstly by knowing how powerful we really are, and that we can make a change. Every time we buy something we are saying we want more of that, knowing that we can apply our power of choice by voting with our dollar. When we vote for cheap, poorly made instruments that use rare timbers and destroy forests we will see more of that, and when we vote for good quality instruments made sustainably and with care we are showing that we want more of that and we will see more of it. We can be the change, but it starts in here, with me…and with you. “

- On that inspiring note the night ended with the songs of Mitchell’s very talented brother JM Junior caressing the room with his creatively poetic music while we all had a few mocktails for the road and had one last longing look at the guitars that only a couple of dreamers could have dreamed up… And this may look like the end of our story, but it is only the beginning for aPurla and our tree hugging ways…


Mitchell and I would like to thank all of the people who have supported aPurla to bring us to where we are today and say thanks to the Australian Academy of Music and John and Lesley for sponsoring our launch event and helping to make it all happen. Big thanks to Jimmy, Mia and all the staff at the Junk Bar for hosting.

Thanks to Crea-re Studio for making the recycled guitar bags and to Couch Guitar Straps for making the straps, it’s thanks to them that we can proudly offer handmade ethical sustainable accessories with these guitars.

Big, big thanks to all the volunteers, helpers, photographers, videographers and musicians who donated their time and skill, words can’t even describe how grateful we are to each of you. And one last big thank you to everyone who came in general and to all our family and friends for their constant support. We couldn’t do this without you, all of you.


Get in touch with some of the very talented individuals featured at this event: MUSICIANS: The RhythmAddicts – www.rhythmaddictsband.com or contact: rodrigo_santiago@live.com

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