• Words by Layne D

From Melbourne Guitar Show to Metamorphosis

aPurla has had a pretty big year with lots of fun surprises and amazing adventures, so you’ll have to forgive us for not blogging much. But now that we are back and settled we can dish the gossip to you, our favourite people!

The end of last year saw us taking this biz to a whole new level by challenging ourselves to make 22 guitars/ bass guitars to be launched at the Melbourne Guitar Show in August 2018, and what a challenge! We managed to pull through victorious after countless late nights, tears, sweat and blood (did we mention Mitch nearly lost an eye?). In the end it all worked out the way it was meant to and we can look back, smile and be proud of all of our hard work!

But the guitar making was just the start of the challenge. Makin’ it in the Melbourne big smoke ain’t easy. We had some pretty fierce competition, with all the big names fronting up their best babes for the guitar show, plus all your usual budget brands flashing their temptingly low price tags.

aPurla Guitars MGS Stand

It was good to see that many of the guitar enthusiasts there did appreciate a great quality handmade sustainable guitar, with a lot of action on our stand, and many people personally dubbing us best stand at the show. People loved our fresh new approach to guitar making and had so many enthusiastic questions to ask us. Not to mention all the greatly talented artists that picked one of our babies up, and made them sing in a way that brought a tear to these little makers’ eyes.

Everyone had something positive to say of our natural linseed lacquers, and a big highlight was our recycled record cover plates, with most people commenting on how they loved the idea of re-using old music. Making a good use for those old Kamahl records we always see floating around the op shops ;) .

This was the first time we had ever made bass guitars and they were very well received, something we are very excited about, because that means we can make more beautiful bass guitars for you. Thank you everyone!

team aPurla(with our extra helpers John & Goeff) - Photo by Denver Styles

To see our highlights check out our video on YouTube. You can also see the review Guitar Search Saturdays gave the show including our stand here (we come in at 7:24 minutes).

So Melbourne was a win, and now we are keen to celebrate with all our Brisbane fans. We’ve got some big plans for celebrating with you!! We are feeling pretty over the moon about what the future holds for us as guitar makers, creators and happy human beings.

Be at the launch of the century, be a part of the change! Metamorphosis 18 | 11 | 18 click here for more details.

This is not one to be missed! We are throwing one hell of a party and it’s all for you. See you there.