• Words by Layne D

It's all strappenin' now...

Introducing our brand new range of Guitar Straps!!

But these aren't just any old guitar strap, oh no...

Being who we are and the way we are we wanted to offer our customers the best quality handmade guitar straps available in Australia. Ones that are kind to your body when you wear them and kind to our environment too, we wanted to create straps that would match our guitars and our ethos perfectly. We wanted to create straps that last. But we had to think outside of the box a little…

As people who have a passion for well-made fully functional items we could see that there was something lacking in the quality of your everyday guitar strap. The majority of guitar straps are made from polyester fabric which is petroleum based, this isn’t friendly on your skin or on the environment. They’re cheap and nasty, and hey you get what you pay for.

But now you have options people! You can choose unique handmade high quality guitar straps! They are a thing!

Here's why our straps are different....

Handmade with love the old fashioned way.

The 1950s is still alive with us and our cast iron industrial Singer sewing machine.

She embodies the 'make do and mend' attitude of that time and is an old girl that will just keep on going as long as we keep her happy. She's found a good home with us and is looking forward to making many guitar straps with Layne.

Getting back to our roots with hemp...

We've always loved hemp fabric, it's strong, soft, highly durable, breathable and incredibly good for the environment. All that said, we knew we wanted to use hemp fabric as a part of our new guitar strap range, but that was easier said than done. That strength of hemp is real, and we mean real but we made that strength work for us. The botanical name for hemp is Cannabis Sativa, and did you know the word canvas comes from the word cannabis? Hemp canvas sails have been used on ships for centuries because of their extreme strength and durability. The word Sativa is Latin for 'useful' and hemp sure is useful for so many things!

Hemp uses less water than most crops, grows faster, has better quality fibres and not only cleans bad soil but enriches it too, making for one serious eco-friendly ally!

Comfort and Style

When it comes to guitar playing we all want to look great, but those gigs can drag on and comfort is pretty important when you're getting into the endurance end of performing. Well, these straps have got it covered when it comes to comfort! With dead-stock and small batch fabrics used to decorate you can rest easy that you're keeping your own unique style, plus that breathable hemp is just a dream for those extra sweaty gigs!

Stainless Steel Strength

The strap ends are latex reinforced hemp webbing with vegan marine vinyl coverings, for extra strength. Held together with extra strong stainless steel rivets and buckles. With hemp being 3 times stronger than cotton and 25 times more durable we can all trust that these babies will take good care of holding up our beloved guitars.

From their handpicked eye-catching fabrics to their top notch stainless steel buckles these straps have been designed to be stylish, eco-friendly, animal friendly and soulful.

You can pick up our plain handmade hemp straps (coming soon!) for $46.99 each and

our decorative handmade hemp straps in 6 different styles for $79.99 each!

Now you can really express yourself, so go on, be part of the change and do it in style!

See the first release run at Metamorphosis 18 | 11 | 18 the launch party of the year. You're invited! Check it here.