• Words by Layne D

Layne on our Metamorphosis

As you may have noticed aPurla isn't just one guy, it's a team effort from Mitch and Layne to keep shop. We wanted to use our newest event to introduce you to the slightly more hidden member of aPurla, with an inside look on how Layne come up with the concept for the artwork for Metamorphosis and the process involved.

Layne - photo by Mitch Morris

First thing's first, let's get to know a little about Layne, with Four Fab Facts.

Fab fact 1: Layne has been a few places. Born in South Africa, later immigrating to England to finally settle in Australia Layne holds a special place for each of these lands in her heart, and that love of the varying landscapes of this Earth comes through in all her designs.

Fab fact 2: Layne is a low maintenance kind of gal.

Happy to sit and watch the native wildlife play surrounded by lush trees and plants, Layne would rather be at the farmers markets than in the upmarket shops. She has a passion for op shopping and takes joy in the simple pleasures that come to us in the form of a butterfly flitting by, a hug from a friend or a freshly bloomed Grevillea.

Fab fact 3: Layne lives for music and expression.

Too long without new music will make this flower wither up, so Layne is always looking for new ways to celebrate creation and the beauty of life. Whether it be through art, singing, dancing, cooking, gardening or ceremony Layne sees the Divine Creator in all she does and experiences.

Fab fact 4: Layne likes to have a laugh.

Life is about living and enjoying it and Layne is always joyful about her journey here.

Now that you've got a bit of a background on the mind behind the magic let's get into that magic. Metamorphosis started mid last year when we took on the challenge of creating as many guitars as we could to display at the Melbourne Guitar Show in August 2018. A transformation and trip later we returned changed by our experience, and ready to celebrate our triumph!

We knew we wanted to throw one heck of a party, and we wanted a poster that reflected our journey as makers, but didn't emphasize guitars too much. This one was to be an event for everyone to enjoy, not just the guitar enthusiasts. Inspired by artwork from the Dark Crystal, 1960s psychedelic rock poster art, the Australian rain forest, and sacred geometry Layne set to work on concept after concept, but nothing was good enough for Mitchell's high taste.

One day, when least expected (as these things always are) Layne got the inspiration she needed in the form of a little moth. The moth told her that it was to be the crowning piece on the art she had been toying with.

So Layne picked up her pencil and started to draw an Australian Native Emporer Gum Moth, and the story began to spill from her mind.

The moth was flying from the darkness into the light,

the crystal of truth to lead her in her flight.

From Moon to Sun, each pyramid reflecting the opposite one.

Earth, Fire, Water, Air, friendly Spirits protects her until she's done.

Carrying secrets for only the wise to know.

The moth tells us her tale, of metamorphose. A joyous tale! The good prevail! So, the moth returns with lifted veil.


Join us in the celebration! Be at the launch of the century, be a part of the change! Metamorphosis 18 | 11 | 18 click here for more details.