• Words by Layne D

Metamorphosis - Sustainability has been finely tuned....

Well the big day has been and gone, so let's chat about it!!!!

We'd be lying if we said we didn't stay up in bed all night going on about the party like a couple of 14 year old girls at a sleepover. The whole thing seemed to go like a blur, although we do have some treasures locked away in our hearts that we will never forget.

The weather was busy making up its mind while we were busy making up our festival, but by the time the tee-pee was erected and we were ready the sun was shining merrily down upon us all. It was as if the power of that structure was holding the rain at bay for us for the day, because once we did take her down the rain started to pour down! We had to laugh at our fortune!

And so the spell was cast over the car park and the area was transformed into a mini festival with thanks to all our helpers and vendors.

Welcome.... - Photo by VIVID Visual Co.

The celebration was kicked off with a special grand opening of our newly renovated showroom, complete with red velvet curtains, green chesterfield couch and handmade macrame plant hangers.

After slowly drawing the curtains the brand new showroom was revealed, while guests were entertained with a special mini desk concert from John Morris and Isaac Kennedy (with a few cheeky champagnes thrown in). Mitchell welcomed us all in to talk guitars and show off the brand new series of sustainably sourced and recycled timber guitars and basses! (Plus our brand new line of handmade hemp fabric guitar straps and all our new Metamorphosis merchandise that was on display for the first time on the day).

Chris Ah Gee & Jazzella - Photo by Paul Dunning

The real party started with Chris Ah Gee and Jazzella warming things up in a big way and really getting us in the mood to dance and sing with their funky, soul R&B vibes floating out of our aPurla guitars, basses, amps and new snare drum.

This was followed by a little bit of ceremony from Mitchell Morris and yours truly of aPurla Handmade Guitars. We just had to pour our little souls out for you through song as a way to say thank you for all you do for us! We could definitely feel the love.

Thistle - Photo by Paul Dunning

Moving back onto the real musicians, we had Thistle up next, with their fun laid back pop alt rock jams that really brought out the playful side of the guitars, leaving us ready for more, so much more!

Isaac and his band were ready to deliver and they rocked our socks with their contemporary country rock style. Isaac was a true master on his very, very special custom made aPurla guitar, which reminds us there is no limit to what you can do with a guitar when you've got the ideas and the skills.

TrashQueen - Photo by MMK Music Promotions

TrashQueen was up next bringing their own brand of bluesy hard rock mixed with punk, grunge and stoner. The raw sound of TrashQueen was really amplified with the gorgeous rich tones of our recycled vintage Queenslander house timber guitars.

Seven Day Mask was the last act of the day. They can really only be described as a musical awakening, with their neo-political psychedelic prog sideshow circus band sound, their tight bass lines and melodic soundscapes that had us all captivated, and in awe of these amazing musicians right until the very end of the night.

Our New Showroom wall - Photo by VIVID Visual Co.

Sadly these events have to come to an end eventually, and what an end to a great party! One thing we could see for sure was the versatility of these instruments, going from funky R&B to progressive metal and everything in between in one day.

The day is done, but this is just the start, who knows what the future will hold for aPurla Handcrafted Guitars....

We look forward to seeing you in store at the aPurla showroom when you come in and check out the remaining instruments for yourself! Thank you all for being a part of our celebration and for supporting us in so many ways! Special thanks goes to John and Lesley Morris and the Australian Academy of Music for all your help and for allowing us to host our party at your venue.

And, for those that missed out, or for those who want to re-live the day here is the video summary that was put together for us be Sleepy Mountain Films. Nice.

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