• Layne D

Stay nourished in uncertain times

Hey gang,

Just wanted to check in with you all and see how we all made it through this period of 'intense hibernation'. We hope cabin fever didn't take its toll too heavily and that you have all been keeping nourished and staying peaceful.

We have a few tips that have been helping our sanity and we hope it will help you all too.

Things can be very difficult at times and our main tip to help you stay on track is to keep yourself nourished with the right kinds of 'foods'.

Feed your soul with music, art, creativity meditation and prayer. Personally, I can't go a day without singing or I get pretty sad, I also find drawing very soothing to my soul. Mitch loves getting his hands dirty and making craft with polymer clay or timber. What art or craft do you enjoy?

Mitch getting his craft on

Feed your mind, a good book can take you anywhere, so while further out travel isn't encouraged in a big way right now that doesn't limit your minds travel plans. Why not sit down with a classic and be transported to another time? There aren't many things more wholesome than a good classic, with their timeless beloved characters and inspiring morals, just a few chapters can be enough to refresh the heart and soul. Reading not your thing? Maybe you prefer complex equations or puzzles...there are an infinite number of ways to entertain the mind with puzzles, parables and philosophies.

Feed your body. We all like to move in some form or another and that movement increases the heart rate and does a bunch of other cool things to the body, one of those things is releasing endorphins (the GOOD stuff!) and most of us know that endorphins make you feel good. Some activities that get these guys pumpin in a small space are dancing, salsa is a great type of dance for this situation as it is designed for small spaces and is very energetic (so be careful if it's not something you are used to – take it slow), personally I like to get in the yard and bust out the hula hoop to see how long I can keep her spinning for. There are loads of fun indoor/ backyard ways to get active.And what about food? We have been taking this opportunity to create more wholesome homemade food than ever, and it feels good. So use this time, if you don't know how to cook then learn! Now is the time! Kitchen time is family time in our home, and on that note....stay close while still staying away. We are all in this together, personally I have seen more kindness around than ever before! Many of us are forgetting ourselves in service to something bigger, and that is what we need to see more of.

Feed your relationships, hey just because we couldn't hug each other doesn't mean we can't be there for each other in other ways. I've actually been enjoying less hugs, sometimes I just don't know if it is the right time for a hug, sometimes I want a little space..... I guess hugs are like rainbows, if you have them too much they just get boring, but keep em fresh and you keep the magic! So reach out in other ways. Call your mum and listen to her stories that you can't really follow anyway. Wave to your neighbour on the street. Let the lady behind you in line with only a few items go ahead, you've got time. Let other humans see that little spark of love, so they can spread it. We can reach out with more than just a hand.

So now that restrictions are easing how can we support each other?

Socially and economically we need each other and the local community more than ever right now. But how can we know if we are helping?

Our opportunity here, especially as we have a major interruption in what we call ‘normal life’, is to slow life down, and truly begin asking who we truly are and what type of world we want to create. Exploring that is possibly the most powerful and impactful thing we can truly do right now. So look inside and ask yourself some of those big questions, you might be surprised to find that some of the changes that seemed out of reach months ago are closer than we first thought.