If you have a guitar, bass guitar or any stringed instrument that needs some attention we've got you covered. Australian guitar maker and repairer Mitchell Morris will take on any instrument repair job, from snapped necks to re-lacquers to string changes...and more! 

We're always up for a instrument repair challenge.

Below is a gallery of some of our repair work and you can find our price list here. Enjoy!

bowl back mandolin

Fender Strat Restoration

This 1971 Strat, a beloved family piece was passed down from father to son but to make it playable again it needed a little work. The fret board had done many miles, as it was played by the client's father for three decades. There was a fair bit of ware and tare with the frets being completely worn down, all electronics corroded and a peeling paint job.

We replaced the original 3 way switch with a 5 way and wax dipped the pickups. The fret board was totally rebuilt with all original components used. We re- lacquered the neck in vintage amber and left the body paint as it was, for that old road worn look. Nice!

Fender Strat
Sitar before and after



Sitar Restoration

This client was very upset to find that his sitar that had been given to him as a 30th birthday gift and hung on the wall in a place of honour had fallen from its perch and shattered the body into many, many tiny pieces.


Luckily he managed to collect every single piece and we put it together again for him like one very complicated puzzle. 

Fender Strat Re-spray

This 1974 Olympic white Fender Stratocaster had copped some serious lacquer damage.

The strat was originally finished in old nitrocellulose lacquer, so in order to keep with the original we used the same, but in a slightly aged looking Olympic white. Nitrocellulose isn't one of our favourite lacquers, due to the fumes and toxicity of it, but nothing sounds quite like it. The lacquer is very thin, so wood preparation was everything with this job, a whole lot of sanding and spraying later and here it is.

Our tip for degradation prevention: If you have this type of lacquer on any of your instruments, beware of synthetic leather straps and silicone guitar stands, as the chemicals in these will strip the lacquer right off.

Fender Strat paint job




Antique Zither Restoration

There's nothing we love more than collaborating with clients to work on a dream they have!

The client picked this antique zither up in a pretty bad state, but they cleaned it up then passed it over to us to have it serviced and re-strung. Now it's looking as good as new, and has a great story to go with it.

Contact us today to get your beloved instrument back in action.

Bowl Back Mandolin Makeover

When our client dropped this mandolin in it was unplayable. The top and fingerboard was extremely warped and uneven, and the neck was coming away from the body. 

To complete this repair we replaced the top with solid spruce, and with some careful work managed to salvage the old decorative motifs around the sound hole to use again on the new top. We gave it a gorgeous coat of French polish. The nut was replaced with a handmade buffalo horn nut and the mandolin was re-fretted and re-strung.


Now this wonderful instrument has new life in it and is back on the music scene. It’s hard to believe that we pulled this little baby apart and put it back together again!