Acoustic Traveller Guitar - Rose

Red is for rebirth, so we named her rose.

Her parts were salvaged from a damaged guitar that was well and truly beyond repair and could never live again…

at least, not as that particular guitar…but with resources too good to decay on a trash pile, we sensed it awaited a special destiny.

Originally, we had planned to salvage the tuners one day, but it wasn’t until the Tree Hugger project that we were inspired to recycle the back, neck and fingerboard as well. But in order to remove the damaged sections and re-use her parts she would need to be a new, smaller shape.

To make her handcrafted soundboard we used a large Australian pine wood beam that was recycled from an antique iconic Queenslander home, this same piece of timber was used for all the bracing on this guitar. Her salvageable piece of back was painstakingly removed and re-joined, her sides were then re-bent into her new shape.

She features high-end long lasting hardware, water based lacquers and a TUSQ nut (synthetic bone) to ensure an animal free, cruelty free, environmentally friendly product that sounds as good as it looks. She is also fitted with Evo gold fret wire, a copper alloy that contains no nickel, and with a LR Baggs i BEAM Pickup, she's the complete package. 

The utmost care and attention to detail has been maintained in her crafting to ensure enjoyable and long lasting playability. 


But don't worry, we're already hard at work on our next series of guitars.

Please email or message us for expressions of interest.