Simon's Bespoke Guitar

The Hydra - Double Neck 6/12 String.

Simon had a big dream for a big guitar when he came to us with the idea for this project, and we are always keen on big dreams. We had never made a double neck guitar before, so that made for some fun new challenges!
The greatest new challenge with this was getting the two necks to line up perfectly to one another. The neck joint is always the most difficult joint on a guitar so having two neck joints really added an extra difficulty level.
This was our first double neck guitar and we are very happy with how it turned out. Simon gave us a little feedback too:

"I’m so happy with my new aPurla guitar, The Hydra. This is more than a twin necked 6 & 12 stringed instrument, it’s a work of art filled with the love and attention only a craftsman can give. Mitchell Morris’s attention to detail and regular consultation with me allowed this guitar to develop from concept to reality in a way that continued to build excitement through its creation. There are so many special features that came from Mitch’s imaginative ideas, like the book-matched fretboards that are a stunning feature to The Hydra. The natural timbers are adorned with high quality hand wound pick-ups, machine heads, bridges and more. The options for pick up management are beautifully built into the three tuning knobs and a simple switch. I could not be happier. I cannot put it down. It feels great and sounds fantastic. I can highly recommend aPurla Handcrafted guitars and I am extremely impressed with Mitch’s talents as a luthier. "
- Simon Knowles

For more on what Simon and his Hydra are doing check out his facebook page “AcouSKtic”.

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