Tree Hugger Guitar Series

As innovative guitar makers aPurla was inspired to take the next big leap within the Australian music scene to provide musicians with a truly sustainable option for creating music.

Our mission; to shed light on the sustainability issues our industry faces, and to preserve our old growth forests while still providing great quality affordable instruments that sound as good as they look.

With this in mind the Tree Hugger family was created to be a series of handmade guitars that have a low environmental impact.  
At every turn we sought to create a long lasting, great quality, environmentally friendly product. These unique instruments were hand crafted locally from aged Australian timbers that were recycled from antique iconic Queenslander homes, making them not only the first of their kind in Australia, but containing in each the rich and diverse history of Brisbane and the modern Queensland lifestyle.

These guitars are our first edition models in this series, and we hope they represent the future of sustainable guitar making.
(If you'd like more information on our current timber scarcity issue check out our blog.)

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