We love ukes!

They're portable, light, beautiful and a great beginner instrument.

Ukes can be used to introduce children to music, but they have also been used by amazingly gifted musicians in ways that explore and expand the abilities of the uke far beyond what their appearances show.

Ukes are versatile, often overlooked pocket rockets of the music world, when used correctly.
When used incorrectly they can cause severe head pain!

Luckily there are some friendly tunings you can start out with your uke on if you are new to music.




Beginner Series

Our most affordable uke yet!

Designed with the beginner to intermediate player in mind these ukes are simple, but elegant. Featuring tops, backs and sides in walnut, bamboo, jarrah and eucalyptus.




Aussie Tone Wood Series

Made with locally sourced silky oak, bunya pine tops, leopard tree fingerboards and Qld Blackwood (also known as Koa).

These ukes are our higher end designs using our best timbers, hardware and techniques.

You can find these instruments in store at:

the Australian Academy of Music in Brendale.